use the arrow keys to move and interact

music: to speak of solitude - brambles

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Pixel Art, poem


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this is beautiful, one of the most beautiful games i played so far.


The text was honestly pretty phenomenal. The vibe of the game, at least for me, changed from calm and comforting to eerie. The slow showcase of the survivor's madness through the letters is so well thought out, and the boat shown to come closer to the lighthouse really freaked me out. I loved that and I hope I see more of you!

What a lovely game! I love the emphasis of "they". They who are lost, they who watch, they who laugh in hatred, and, finally, they who welcome the survivor into death. The descent of the survivor into madness chronicled through notes in a bottle is very interesting too.

Some comments - 

  • In the first scene, I find it odd that I can walk up the walls of the room.
  • The text in the bottle - It says "we did not not listen". Unsure if this is a typo, because if it isn't, it changes the meaning in an interesting way.
  • Love the way the text shakes and waves
  • I love how the color palette changes with each day.

I'm not sure how to interpret the ending, of me getting into the raft. But it does make me think.

Thank you for this well made game!


Very nice experience, well done!

Beautiful writing and music, plus I love the lighthouse setting. <3 Can't wait to see more from you.


This is beautiful. Thank you for this


Really wonderful little experience, and a very creative way of using the limited Bitsy game engine. I enjoyed it. The visuals and animations are great. I really enjoy that the main scene changes throughout the story and use different color palettes to set different tones on the same scene.

I think you should add collision boundaries on a lot of the tiles though because walking through walls inside the lighthouse and also walking to the clouds and moon, etc - does break the experience a bit for me.


Ah wow katherine this is so cool and eerie and mesmerizing.  The colors and writing are amazing and I love the music selection too!


the writing is so beautiful 


this is so good!! I love the color palettes and the writing!


This rules.